Skin hydra-infusion delivery system

Glow Solution is a medical hardware hydro-peeling, which allows for a full-fledged spa skin care in one session. One procedure includes: cleansing, diamond peeling, non-injectable skin-booster and deep moisturising of the skin, mechanical massage and lifting. As a result, after the first procedure the skin looks fresh, well-groomed and moisturised.

Glow Solution device takes up the principle steps of active ingredients infusion to an outstanding next level through developed innovative technology which is performed in 4 consecutive treatment steps.

The core of the further developed process is a completely new high-tech machine treatment that reaches all three skin layers and additionally the underlying ‘SMAS’ (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System).

The new Glow Solution is a tower machine with efficient skincare fluid-infusion technology.

The differentiated treatment method provides a separate handpiece for each treatment phase and enables a fully automatic and electronically controlled execution of the treatment steps.

A 4-Step Techno -Treatment supported by exclusive active ingredients for immediate plumper, smoother and deeply nourished skin.

1. GlowPurify. Deep cleansing.

Gentle, thorough cleansing of make-up and deep cleansing with active cleansing liquid via a special nozzle with a disposable high-quality silicone brush.
Main ingredients: Citric acid, Capryl Glucoside.

2. GlowPolish. Hydro Dermabrasion: refine & clarify.

An unparalleled intensive skin peeling with a disposable ‚diamond-plate‘ disc in which the crystals are shaped and arranged in a special way. During the process, the removed horny-layer skin particles are rinsed with fruit acid, vacuumed away and collected in the separate container.
Main ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Urea, Panthenol, Glycine, Niacinamide

3. GlowPermeation. Intensive active ingredient intake.

Revolutionary ultrasound technology that generates „a stream sound“ pushing the active substances directly into the spaces between the cells in the stratum corneum. Thus millions of atomised micro-droplets of active ingredients meet the perfectly prepared skin and moisture it intensively.
Main ingredients: Glycosphingolipids, Hordeum Vulgare Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate

4. GlowPush-up. Dynamic impulse massage.

Innovative, liquid-based process targeting tissue tightening and performing S.M.A.S. dynamic vacuum micro-massage with active ingredients infusion performed in 2 steps. Step 1 – Topical active ingredients ( e.g. ampoule, serum) push in. Step 2 – Vacuum micro-massage (12 contractions/ sec.) ensuring intensive ‚workout‘ for all tissue layers.
Main ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Papaya fruit extract, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, ATP

5. GlowKeeper. Mask treatment.

Depending on your skin type we select the mask that your skin needs the most to maximize your results of Glow Solution treatment and to prolong it’s effect.


● dry skin
● enlarged pores
● clogged pores
● wrinkles, pigments
and signs of aging
● tired, stressed skin


● fresh, radiant, moisturized skin
● Improved appearance of wrinkles, reduction of pigment spots
● deep infusion of a high-dose cocktail of active ingredients
● firmer and smoother skin
● Immediate face-lifting effect
● lymphatic drainage: Increased blood circulation and cell metabolism
● fibroblasts stimulation


From 160 €


60 min

160 €

Face+Neck with Deep Cleaning

75 min

180 €

+Décolleté with Deep Cleaning

90 min

220 €