Laser Treatment

The revolutionary body shaping technology

ICOONE Laser is a revolutionary body forming technology that is used to remodel the silhouette, tighten up the skin and simultaneously strongly drainage lymphatic system. Patented massage rollers with LED combined with innovative vacuum LASER technology ensure gentle microstimulation of the connective tissue.
ICOONE is the only device in the world to perform Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS). The innovative Roboderm® patent treats skin flaws and blemishes by stimulating the connective tissue effectively and in depth. ICOONE offers a combination of different face and body care programmes, customisable to meet the needs of men and women of all ages.
ICOONE is able to restore the tissue’s optimal level of oxygenation and improve microcirculation, facilitating metabolic exchanges. It regenerates the quality, elasticity and firmness of the skin, while also performing an anti-swelling action, even in the most difficult cases and especially in combination with LEDs and LASER, by reducing the volume of adipose cells. Treatment is requiring special personal and re- usable body suit that is available for purchase in our practice.

1. Body analysis

Before we start the treatment, its important to choose focus areas with indications for improvement.

2. Booster shot

In order to boost-up stimulation with ICOONE, before we start the treatment we apply active COFFEINE [comfort zone] SHOT Ampule on a focus areas.

3. ICOONE stimulation

The procedure is provided in a special body suite that is developed especially for the treatment. This suit is allowing the ICOONE laser to stimulate stronger but safer. Minimum treatment time is 30 minutes: that includes stimulation of lymphatic points all over the body for 20 minutes and for extra 10 minutes we are targeting focus areas with special dedicated ICOONE program.

4. Post-treatment body mask/body wrapping

After the ICOONE stimulation we close the treatment with the product from a special body firming [comfort zone] BODY STRATEGIST line. Client is able to choose between body leave-on mask or body wrapping.


● Cellulite ● Saggy skin ● Wrinkles ● Stretch marks ● Clogged lymphatic system ● Immunity weakness ● Uneven skin texture ● Scars and fibrosis ● Burn scars ● Pre- and post-surgery ● Venous insufficiency and lymphedema ● Pregnancy swelling ● Pain, tension and inflammation in body tissues


This treatment uses cell stimulation to encourage the production of collagen and
elastin, instantly leaving the skin looking firmer and the body slender and toned. The
treatment is particularly suitable for toning the skin following weight loss.

Designed to work on stubborn adipose fat deposits, this body contouring treatment
gives the whole figure new-found harmony, as well as a pleasant feeling of lightness
and wellness. Icoone

Treatment to promote tissue oxygenation and skin regeneration, restoring elasticity
and compactness to the tissues. Icoone smooths out wrinkles, giving a noticeably
younger appearance and a new harmony to the face.

Designed to stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation, this treatment helps to tone
and reshape the legs, granting an instant feeling of lightness and wellbeing.

Performing a symmetrical treatment with two handpieces at the same time, Icoone
allows for complete drainage of the whole body, stimulating instantaneous
oxygenation of the tissues, improving microcirculation and promoting the elimination
of metabolic waste and liquids.

Targeted treatment to reactivate microcirculation, detoxification of the body and thus
improve the function of the immune system, reducing stress levels.

Icoone achieves overall tissue relaxation, favouring the release of endorphins and
resulting in a general feeling of well-being.

Treatment for the reduction of inflammation and fibrosis, improving the quality and
elasticity of the skin thanks to the deep stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis
to promote scar healing, combined with a pain-relieving action and the restoration of
mobility to the area affected by the injury. Icoone allows for treating in a precise and
painless way all areas of the face and body and all types of scars, especially surgical
or traumatic, post-Caesarean, acne or post-mastectomy scars.

Icoone provides a soothing and non-invasive action which, in the case of recent
burns, reduces inflammation to speed up the healing process and prevent
complications, thus improving the quality and elasticity of the skin. In the case of
older burns, it stimulates the fibrotic areas presenting adhesions so as to improve
flexibility, elasticity and soften the tissues, favouring metabolic exchange.

Icoone Treatment for promoting faster tissue recovery and relieving pain. Before:
tissue drainage and mobilisation, to prepare the skin for surgical procedures and to
facilitate the doctor’s work during surgery. After: drainage, analgesic and
rehabilitation effect, accelerating the tissue healing process

Icoone Treatment for promoting faster tissue recovery and relieving pain. Before:
tissue drainage and mobilisation, to prepare the skin for surgical procedures and to
facilitate the doctor’s work during surgery. After: drainage, analgesic and
rehabilitation effect, accelerating the tissue healing process and helping to improve
the outcome and avoiding possible complications.

Natural and painless stimulation that triggers the reactivation of the lymphatic and
blood circulation, improves the oxygenation of tissues, even the most delicate ones,
and reduces swelling, to ensure greater flexibility and mobility of the affected areas
and reducing aesthetic and functional recovery times.

Targeted treatment for reducing pain and inflammation, aimed at restoring normal
joint function. Alleviating tissue congestion and oxygenating tissues, relieving muscle


180 €

30 min

20 min full body stimulation
+ 10 min focus program

40 €

10 min

extra focus program additionally to 30 min program

30 €

ICOONE body suit

personal item that you can take home and re-use for your further appointments

Boost up your ICOONE experience

ICOONE Laser stimulation is often used in combination with other cosmetic procedures, such as CoolTech CRYOLIPOLYSIS fat reduction treatment, to further improve results. The result is more firmed body appearance, significantly reduced fat tissue.

Want to take your ICOONE Laser appointment to the next level? Combine it with CoolTech CRYOLIPOLYSIS fat reduction treatment for a more transformative treatment. (LINK to BOOK the package of CRYO plus ICOONE)